Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do before a cleaning service?

In order to make our cleaning services more efficient, please remove and put away unnecessary clutter and items such as toys & clothing.

How much does a cleaning service cost?

Each of our plans are custom created for our clients, dependent on the size of the home/office and how often a service is required. Get a FREE Estimate »

Do I need to be at home or on-site during a cleaning service?

No, the majority of our clients provide us a key, so services can be rendered while they are at work or away from the office.

Do I need to supply Toni with cleaning supplies?

No! Toni bring her own cleaning supplies and tools along with her that she has found to be the most effective. If you have a specific item you would like to request Toni to use, it can be integrated into your cleaning service.

What if I need to reschedule, or my cleaning date is on a holiday?

Communication is key with Toni Safford. Give her a call immediately and solution will be found.

How do I pay for a Cleaning Service? When is payment due?

Payment is due to day of service. Toni accepts Cash, Check, & Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Discover)

Do you clean windows?

Yes! In a commercial setting, Toni will wash the interior and exterior storefront windows. Residentially, screens are removed with insects & cobwebs cleaned out.

Do you clean mini-blinds?

Yes, mini-blinds are cleaned & dusted.

Do you sweep & mop / vacuum / clean bathrooms, showers, sinks, & tubs?

Yes, thes are all standard services offered.

Toni offers full service residential & commercial cleaning. Interested in her services?
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